Saturday, 27 October 2012

Water in the brain

Uff.. trying to do anything work-related in SL on a saturday is NOT easy lol... but! I did get to hang out with Penny (Lorenz) and Kim (Dench) down in Darkadia's underwater-area-in-progress, and chat about mermaid-y ideas (... stay tuned on THAT theme.... *Evil grin!*...) ... here's a piccy of Miss Kim herself :) prolly SL's top photographer, her work is just... wow. And she's good at making sure I keep to some kind of schedule and don't do what I usually do, which is go all ADD-bounce-around-SL :P

Of course, sooner or later I will get netted by La Dorry, hehe... but I am going to totally make sure that She and the rest of my friends have the best place in SL to play and hang out in, hehe.

More later. Off to tease Mija about the empty bottle of wine next to her in RL, lol..


  1. hic upcoming blogpost here soon, too hic :P

    uuhm you know... i have a XXL mermaid cage somewhere in my inventory... if you need one... let me know ^^

  2. aaaaand it is tinky´s empty bottle of wine and... uuhm mine, too :P