Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hallowe'en 2012 :)

It's been a manic 48 hours! I FINALLY got my head around the Sculptris app and using it with the Wacom Cintiq tablet and... yessssss! I can sculpt in 3D! and export it all to SL in mesh - and low poly too :P And: paint and texture what I make in Sculptris (which is free and very excellent btw) in Photoshop Extended. I iz Happy Kitteh =^*^= :)))

So... new outfits imminent, including the play gags by Turi. SL has suddenly got interesting again for the first time in ages for me, now that I can finally create the stuff I see in my head and share it inworld, and I think the next wave of outfits Latex Web Inc. releases will show this. I feel that my 'creator sabbatical' is almost over and I'm looking forward now to relaxing again hehe...

So: mad rush today to get something ready for the Hallowe'en party at Aval and her owner Virus's place, I think we'll release it soon once a few more tweaks have been made:

The working name for it is 'CenoByte' :)

The party was great... Virus did voice DJ-ing and played a ton of stuff that I love and own myself (german electro-goth-rock),

We even got Cory dancing hehe...

So: hugs and kisses and licks from me here on a cold windy UK night surrounded by cats with Tori Amos playing on my PC :) And grr just found that our sim is offline, off now to chase LL and get it back!

More later :) xxx

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