Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Holidaze!

Kisses and Hugs and all the end-of-the-year usuals to you all :) and a BIG 'get well' to Turi, who has had an accident in RL and is recovering. Getting things ready for the 25th here, and for lots of exciting 2013-type things hehe.. and a BIG shout-out to NicX who shot this video and put it up on YouTube...! a lovely and unexpected Christmas surprise!

Have a good one, kisssxx!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stuff, and more Stuff...

Big day today. I find out sometime in the next few hours how the first part of my University course has gone for me, and to focus on something else while I wait in terror I'm about to start phase 3 of what I've come to call 'Project Shine'. This is my attempt to blend 3D and Photoshop into a style & workflow from which I can quickly make new, shiny, glossy outfit templates for the Latex Web Inc. clothes, and for my own artworks. The new Joiner advert for the Latex web Junkies group is also a preview of what's in the works...

There's a few things that have led to this... first was Mastress Dorry showing me the work of Shiniez, and then Kim Dench giving me a chart of all the main creators' 'shines' in SL to look at. Then I took full advantage of my University course to learn learn learn all about how light bounces off objects, reflections etc, and with Mija's help, learn about Photoshop's Brushes - which are amaazzzzingly useful. The plan is, with Turi and Mandy, to start releasing new outfits in early 2013, and revamp some of our most popular existing adverts, with this new Look. It's taking time, but it's a learning process, and I am loving every minute of it :) ((special thanks to Mija for all her help and technical advice!))

Other things... a few people have been asking about what happened to the role-play at Darkadia; it's officially 'on a break' while we decide what to do with it. The problem we found was that there aren't enough hours in the day, or enough energy, to run something that people expect to revolve exclusively around Them. Plus, we have to pay the rent of the sim itself, so the LWi (Latex Web Inc.) shop is the main focus atm. More than anything, we just needed a rest.. I know I did, lol...

Also, been thinking a lot about the SL/RL divide, and the sometimes lack of it. I have often been asked to 'prove' myself in SL, that is: prove I'm female; the answer is yes, I am, and happily so, but I have learned from bitter experience to keep at least SOME barriers up between SL and real Life. Especially now that I'm back at University. I don't even like talking on a telephone much, never have, so I'm not really up for babbling in SL at my usual top speeds lol... The other, and very vital, reason is safety: I've recently been the subject of several attempted hacks and griefs, and not just on my SL account. 4 years ago I had one idiot stalk me in London's clubs - it is NOT a fun place to be. So, to those who nibble at my heels about this: please respect my wishes to keep at least a bit of me separate from the online world :) Thanks xxxxxx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lust in the Dust

Zomg... I am sooo looking forward to the holidays now hehe... I'm actually starting to DREAM in Photoshop lol... who knew that nightmares could be in Layers! Anyways, while I get the brand new 'shine' ready for the next wave of releases, we're releasing a few freebies - here's Mandy Galileo in our Western stylee cow grrrl set - and if we get enough requests, we'll look at doing an actual latex cow slave suit too :P