Saturday, 27 October 2012


...yah, Saturday at last, end of the busiest week I think I have known in a little while. Feels like my brain is exploding right now, lol... sooo many ideas and designs appearing out of nowhere, and the nice thing is that after taking time away in RL to study some photoshop and 3D apps... I can actually create what i'm seeing in my brain at last. And if I can't, I go find out how, lol..

After waking up crazy early and catching up with everyone over tea, while floating on giant latex lily pads at Darkadia (lolz), hanging out with Gaby, Mija and Mistress Kim Dench (and Heretic, briefly - he was at a naked elf sim lol), I'm quietly getting myself organised for the weekend ahead; read: laundry, housecleaning, doing my University course assignment lol...  If we manage to get our new outfits out in time tomorrow, I'll be VERY happy, I have several latex mermaid designs I want to get started on over the next few weeks hehe..

Most of all though, I've been really very, very amazed and touched at how helpful, kind and supportive my friends and virtual family have been recently. I wasn't happy closing down our old Group, but it had become too much of an emotional and financial drain on me and others. Being able to 'think free' again, and knowing I have the support of some very wonderful people... it's made me realise a few (nice) things, eg. there are still some Good people left in this insane society we live in.

Now, if I can only balance 'thinking free' with not BEING free, ie being back in a full-on D/s relationship, that would be perfect ;) Somehow, I will find the right balance, hehe...

More later :)

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