Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Okay, so...

... everything's packed and almost ready to hit the shops, vendors and marketplace. Kyaaaa...! I am happy... finally I feel that the quality of our gear is being raised a bit at last. Future plans include some mermaid stuff and some spider-dominant gear hehe... anything to encourage those shy dominants out there to use a bit more imagination :P

Just did a test mesh version of our classic hairpins, the Kanzashi. I'm still working on the textures and extras for this, and there'll be more 'normal' (ie. traditional) versions too. Mesh is sooo much fun to work with, it really lets you get rid of that 'twisted prim' look that makes so much SL stuff.. well, suck. Some of the mesh stuff I've seen recently has been Incredible, and SL is totally better for it. Finally we can really start doing weird, twisted and erotic designs without being held back by prim or sculpty limitations :) *does happy dance*

So creatively: all is good. Next up is an improved 'shine' on our catsuits - being back at University has taught me some new tricks I'm excited about trying on the SL stuff we do. And amazingly I'm so far able to juggle Uni and SL and my Online courses and not fall apart lol ... what's so good is that one bounces off another, and each benefits the other as I learn more and more.

And in SL itself... interesting ^^ ... those who've known me a while will know of my feelings about 'needy' types, less-than-clever dominants, IM-flooders and worst of all, stalkers/ griefers. The last few weeks have seen my account attacked twice - and badly - and a Certain perSon leaving dumbass comments on my friends' blogs. We Know Who You Are, suckah! Big thankyous to BHF and Winter and the LL grid monkeys for rescuing my account in time!!

So, after a LOT of thinking and all that stuff you do over cups of tea... I'm going to let myself get fully, 100% locked down in SL while things calm down, hehe... sending Notecards will prob be the best way to get a message to me for a little while. Seems that there's a 'new wave' of thinking among our dear Owners, who are getting tough on us bratty types and, er... making us behave. By locking us down. And restricting us... a LOT! And yanno... this is what I've been ranting on about for a while now - why don't dominants ACT like dominants more? Not in a bullying way, but in a caring - and TOUGH! - "you are Mine, mwahahahaa!!!" way... a little bit of Evil keeps us subbies in suspense, wondering what dark plans are being formed... and that's what's exciting. Presence, Imagination and a good knowledge of RLV and what SL button does what (so they don't keep having to ask us subbies what does what etc.... gah) is a good mix :D

And anyway, I need a break from working so hard recently... seems my owner Dorry has plans... *gulp* ... I think I may be in trouble for being away working for so long...

More later :) xxxx