Thursday, 21 February 2013


FINALLY got a 'shine' that 99% of people seem to like, and which looks good in almost any lighting; it's taken a lonnnggg time to get this ready to use in SL, but omg the things I have learned along the way... it's been a blast. Now to do the hood and skirt templates, and some extra random matching textures for prim and mesh attachments. From this, we can make just about any design, in any colour or transparency... Sure, I could have spent the next five years trying to improve it, but there does come a time when you have to call a halt - you never stop learning, my University tutor is always telling me :P

So very soon we'll start getting new designs out using this texture; kisses, hugs and total, utter, undying thanks to Kim Dench, Tsarina Mint, and Mastress Dorrian and the rest of the Clan for all the input and suggestions to get this shine looking the best it can be at this point in time, and especial thaaaaanks! and kissx to sis Mija, for her almost 24-7 support and technical input for Photoshop, and to Arden Hax, who has been a very wonderful, amazing source of energy and support.. Thank You!!

Now to have a Day Off, apart from one lone uni lecture lol.. and then it's onto the Hood :)

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