Thursday, 2 May 2013


Dang. The Gloss catsuit is selling like... hot rubber? :P The Transparent versions are almost ready to go on sale too. Here's a review from Deirdre and Lelo... :)

I am determined Not to over-work and burn myself out, the temptation to ignore sleep is very strong right now, lol.. but I'm being sensible this time :P I guess I'm just enjoying myself a LOT right now :D

More soon! xxxx

Friday, 26 April 2013

Oops - almost forgot...

I just posted this at deviantArts, but DeNovo wants me to put it here too - enjoy :D

April Goodies

Yessss it's actually happening... the re-branded Latex Web product line is back, with all-new outfits at an all-new shop with an all-new website, lol... I can't remember when I slept a full 8 hours last but it's been worth all the work :)

The new 'Gloss' catsuit shows off the new Latexweb 'shine', which we will be applying to all future products, and on a few old favorites too ^^ 

The texture 'map' was made using a combo of Photoshop and Poser Pro, with Cinema4D for final rendering and lighting. The last few months have been manic as I burned the candles learning some new techniques - big kiss to Mija for her help during this time with Cinema4D advice - and now, we can focus again on the fun bit... wearing this stuff, hehe... 

Two others out now at the Darkadia mainstore, and on the new Latex Web shop at the SL Marketplace:

The new Gwen hood's shine matches the Gloss catsuit's... most of our future releases will have this mix & match-ability :) The Gummi Sack is something new for me and the others who make up the Latex Web creator team, it's a wearable RLV body-prison with some fun extras - great for keeping noisy subbies quiet! *evil grin* Big big TY to Emme Bashly for the scripting :)

And... we have a new website up and running at last, you can find it at - it's still early, early days but will soon be fully in action, hehe... 

Mija and I have also started using a Cloud service to show/swap ideas and tools, it's been a fantastic addition to the workflow; getting instant feedback on a project is very, very good for keeping up the energy on a work. Kim Dench also recently joined us on this, with her super-hot SL photography :) Mija is great fun to work with, and if we have any 'slow' days we prod each other out of our laziness to get back to work lol.. Her new shop is also at Darkadia, go check out her FinWheel (findomme toy) and other kool stuff.

University has been busy lately too, which is why I'm so late getting this new stuff out on sale lol.. but Arden always makes sure that I put the Uni work first :P I'm still hoping we might get some actual sunshine here soon too, I have a kickass bikini that I was given for Christmas and .. I wanna wear it!!! Tell the rain to Go Away, pleaaaaaaase!

And Finally: massive Thank You's to everyone who has helped and supported me and the Web gang over the last few months... you know who you are :) kisssses

More very soon, including the Collar 6 catsuit with the new Gloss shine hehe xxxxxx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Playing Around

Not been in SL recently for a ton of reasons, but here's a piccy I just finished off... called "What have you DONE to me!!!" More soon xxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013


FINALLY got a 'shine' that 99% of people seem to like, and which looks good in almost any lighting; it's taken a lonnnggg time to get this ready to use in SL, but omg the things I have learned along the way... it's been a blast. Now to do the hood and skirt templates, and some extra random matching textures for prim and mesh attachments. From this, we can make just about any design, in any colour or transparency... Sure, I could have spent the next five years trying to improve it, but there does come a time when you have to call a halt - you never stop learning, my University tutor is always telling me :P

So very soon we'll start getting new designs out using this texture; kisses, hugs and total, utter, undying thanks to Kim Dench, Tsarina Mint, and Mastress Dorrian and the rest of the Clan for all the input and suggestions to get this shine looking the best it can be at this point in time, and especial thaaaaanks! and kissx to sis Mija, for her almost 24-7 support and technical input for Photoshop, and to Arden Hax, who has been a very wonderful, amazing source of energy and support.. Thank You!!

Now to have a Day Off, apart from one lone uni lecture lol.. and then it's onto the Hood :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ok, and...

Been slaving (hah!) on getting a 'look' for the new latexshine I've been busy on over the last few weeks, and this is the 'beta' version - feedbacks please :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Holidaze!

Kisses and Hugs and all the end-of-the-year usuals to you all :) and a BIG 'get well' to Turi, who has had an accident in RL and is recovering. Getting things ready for the 25th here, and for lots of exciting 2013-type things hehe.. and a BIG shout-out to NicX who shot this video and put it up on YouTube...! a lovely and unexpected Christmas surprise!

Have a good one, kisssxx!