Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hallowe'en 2012 :)

It's been a manic 48 hours! I FINALLY got my head around the Sculptris app and using it with the Wacom Cintiq tablet and... yessssss! I can sculpt in 3D! and export it all to SL in mesh - and low poly too :P And: paint and texture what I make in Sculptris (which is free and very excellent btw) in Photoshop Extended. I iz Happy Kitteh =^*^= :)))

So... new outfits imminent, including the play gags by Turi. SL has suddenly got interesting again for the first time in ages for me, now that I can finally create the stuff I see in my head and share it inworld, and I think the next wave of outfits Latex Web Inc. releases will show this. I feel that my 'creator sabbatical' is almost over and I'm looking forward now to relaxing again hehe...

So: mad rush today to get something ready for the Hallowe'en party at Aval and her owner Virus's place, I think we'll release it soon once a few more tweaks have been made:

The working name for it is 'CenoByte' :)

The party was great... Virus did voice DJ-ing and played a ton of stuff that I love and own myself (german electro-goth-rock),

We even got Cory dancing hehe...

So: hugs and kisses and licks from me here on a cold windy UK night surrounded by cats with Tori Amos playing on my PC :) And grr just found that our sim is offline, off now to chase LL and get it back!

More later :) xxx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Down on the beach

So after not-quite-finishing the new outfits (one has been taken back to the sweatshop :P ) , i took a wee break to make a beach at Darkadia - nothing flash, just somewhere 'normal' for us all to chill out at. As normal as it ever gets at Darkadia anyway, lol..

Mija came to have a peek - and stepped on an electric flower:

... more later :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Water in the brain

Uff.. trying to do anything work-related in SL on a saturday is NOT easy lol... but! I did get to hang out with Penny (Lorenz) and Kim (Dench) down in Darkadia's underwater-area-in-progress, and chat about mermaid-y ideas (... stay tuned on THAT theme.... *Evil grin!*...) ... here's a piccy of Miss Kim herself :) prolly SL's top photographer, her work is just... wow. And she's good at making sure I keep to some kind of schedule and don't do what I usually do, which is go all ADD-bounce-around-SL :P

Of course, sooner or later I will get netted by La Dorry, hehe... but I am going to totally make sure that She and the rest of my friends have the best place in SL to play and hang out in, hehe.

More later. Off to tease Mija about the empty bottle of wine next to her in RL, lol..


...yah, Saturday at last, end of the busiest week I think I have known in a little while. Feels like my brain is exploding right now, lol... sooo many ideas and designs appearing out of nowhere, and the nice thing is that after taking time away in RL to study some photoshop and 3D apps... I can actually create what i'm seeing in my brain at last. And if I can't, I go find out how, lol..

After waking up crazy early and catching up with everyone over tea, while floating on giant latex lily pads at Darkadia (lolz), hanging out with Gaby, Mija and Mistress Kim Dench (and Heretic, briefly - he was at a naked elf sim lol), I'm quietly getting myself organised for the weekend ahead; read: laundry, housecleaning, doing my University course assignment lol...  If we manage to get our new outfits out in time tomorrow, I'll be VERY happy, I have several latex mermaid designs I want to get started on over the next few weeks hehe..

Most of all though, I've been really very, very amazed and touched at how helpful, kind and supportive my friends and virtual family have been recently. I wasn't happy closing down our old Group, but it had become too much of an emotional and financial drain on me and others. Being able to 'think free' again, and knowing I have the support of some very wonderful people... it's made me realise a few (nice) things, eg. there are still some Good people left in this insane society we live in.

Now, if I can only balance 'thinking free' with not BEING free, ie being back in a full-on D/s relationship, that would be perfect ;) Somehow, I will find the right balance, hehe...

More later :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I haz Art!

Ok this has got to be the BUSIEST day for ages... and even managed to start a page at DeviantArts too, go look and say something nice! Please! :)

Work work work....

I love Photoshop CS6 and right now i'm finishing up some of the new line of outfits we're about to release in SL under the Latex Web Inc. brand that i run with Tunturia Tolsen :) I'll post some pics very very sooooon...... XxX


Normal service will be resumed here over the next few days, in the middle of a virtual sew-a-thon on Photoshop lol xx